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Global Goals and Liverpool’s Goals



A blogblast follows…Please enjoy this mini-series of updates with embarrasingly thin attempt at a narrative.

Almost terrifyingly, the 2030hub is already a thriving ecosystem three months after the doors opened. I wish we had a camera on the wall to live-share the diversity of the connections made, the incredible conversations happening every single day now and the life-changing projects being nurtured. As Liverpool’s Global Goals supernova we appear to be creating a gravity even Stephen Hawking would struggle to define. Spacetime is bent after all. We can see it now. It bends when great people from amazing organisations begin to convene away from silos and buzzwords and focus on impact not semantics.

I always knew the UN Sustainable Development Goals had potential as a universal language but for the first time in way over a professional decade or two it genuinely feels like we are at the start of a step-change moment. I say none of this lightly. As a long time witness to the next big thing, ranking, standard, guidance or award I became numb to the nothingness of each as the launch razzmatazz passed. The UN SDGs appear to be spinning this process on its head. Two years in still most people haven’t heard of them, but I think they will. I think everybody will.

The acknowledgement of interconnectedness between goals, the communications approach, the focus on finance, the focus also on the developed world, but most of all the direction of travel towards a city-based movement will without doubt change the world.

Anyways…Here is the news…

Apologies for the distraction

My head is very firmly stuck in 2030hub / Global Goals ‘/ Liverpool Goals mode. If you’d like to keep up with those developments please sign-up for the 2030hub newsletters here.

Here are the links to the first one in August and the latest one from last week so you don’t feel left out.


Impact 2030

Next Up > #Employees4SDGs Twitter Chat – Wed 27 Sept – 12pm ET / 5pm UK

Join me as the host for this truly globally Twitter chat for IMPACT2030 to share and explore their freshly released set of resources aiming to align employee volunteering with the Global Goals..

I will be joined by

Follow #Employees4SDGs to take part by asking your questions, sharing the learning and resources and highlighting your own best practice!

Click here for more details on the new #Employees4SDGs announcement.


The 2030hub launches a range of Liverpool based events and workshops


We love BCorp

I am now a proud B Leader. The 2030hub is progressing our own application for Pending BCorp status, we have our first BCorp workshop planned (see above) and we are determined to be THE northern powerhouse for this wonderful laterally disruptive perspective on business as a force for social good.

Click here for more information about BCorp UK.


and finally, a few travels and a chance to connect?

I’m shortly off to present at the European Investment Bank Institute in Luxembourg to share our SDG / 2030hub / IMPACT2030 learning on October 20th, and then onto deliver a similar themed keynote at the 7th CSR Lebanon Forum in Beirut the following week on Oct 26th.

If you are attending either event, or know of any amazing contacts in those cities it would be great to connect. Leave a comment here to arrange a chance to meet up.


Well that’s all folks. Actually, not really all, but that’s all that I feel I should spill in one go.



Social Innovation + CSR = #3BLchat

Susan McPherson #3BLchatA quick date for your diaries, and a new hashtag to watch out for…

Next Tuesday, 17 December, I will be hosting the first ever #3BLchat for 3BL Media.

This 60 minute Twitter chat will see guest expert Susan McPherson explore “Social Innovation and CSR: The New Frontier”, sharing her wide experience and providing real world examples to inspire change and collaboration.

For more information about the event and our guest click here.

3BL logo #3BLchatIt would be great to see some friends Twitter profiles taking part during the event and if you can help spread the word to your networks here’s a suggested ready-made Tweet for you:

Check out: “Social Innovation & #CSR” – Tues 17 Dec, 1pm ET – http://3bl.me/9gxpzt with @3BLMedia & @susanmcp1 #3BLchat

Let me know if you have any particular questions you’d like to ask Susan and I’ll make sure we get them into the tight schedule!

I’ll be hosting the session via @3BLMedia for the event and I’ll remind people that I’ll be switching from my personal profile (@davidcoethica) just beforehand.

See you on Tuesday.

More posts to come soon…

Coethica Social Media Test Drive


Hi Everybody.

It’s taken a while to get here but the world has finally been introduced to the new Coethica website. We had a handful of technical problems and distractions that saw the previous site slimmed down to 2 ancient pages for far too long.

We took the decision to go live relatively early and encourage the strongest possible dialogue with all the audiences we’re aiming to engage with to constantly improve the site over the next 12 months. There are also some other improvements / pages / whole new sections / concepts to be added to the site to take it where we think it should be but allowing ourselves good time to evolve both our social media estate and our business model simultaneously.

This also means very soon I get to begin to revamp of this space, my very own wonderful blog, which at times had become a surrogate home for Coethica during the extended periods of technical disillusionment.

All suggestions for ‘myblog2.0’ welcome!


Please take a couple of minutes to test drive www.coethica.com, have a good look around, share the link, and send as much feedback as you can, either as a comment on here or via the contact page on the new site.

What could Coethica have done better?


Coethica has also added two new channels over at Google+ and Twitter. I think Google+ is going to be fun; it still needs work but I’ve seen it gain momentum from day one and it feels like it’s accelerating. G+ is a great channel, almost like an extended Twitter but better looking and with more functionality. I can see G+ quickly catching Twitter as the centre of the sustainability/CSR communication online universe – according to @FabianPattberg’s recent poll anyway.

The new Twitter account allows me, for my own sanity, to differentiate between me and the business, for Coethica to sell more, and to explore my tweet landscape a little, playing more in areas such as social innovation, technology and sport.

Click on the icons below to find the new profiles.



New Signings > European Champions League CSR Team



Seems like my fun and speedily thrown together post during the UEFA Champions League Final has caused a bit of a stir, and rightly too. A few eagle eyed CSR friends noticed the deliberate mistake and passed the test. Honest.

Yes, the team lacked a little gender diversity and was all men! My original  selection criteria was very loose and based on CSR reputation and any football connections (and my awareness of). Like any good team Captain I’ve had an imaginary word with the Manager and suggested a couple of new signings both on and off the pitch. I only hope we can afford the fees and will be actively looking for a new sponsorship deal with Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream (any ideas who’s been scouted?) to help with the fees.

I’ve included the new signings below, assuming the money is available. I’ve also had imaginary calls to those who’ve been dropped to make way for the new players, with one dummy spat out (now playing in the reserves) and one player off to be a TV pundit.

I’m also starting to scout the USA for the next team, after all we’re going to need somebody to play against! Let me know who I should pick?    



I couldn’t resist picking a European Champions League CSR squad today following inspiration from @aandreup’s Tweet and of course tonight’s big game.

A great point simply stated.

It made me smile and sent me back a few years to my time in football. So, sat in front of Barcelona V Man Utd in tonight’s European Champions League final I decided to pick my own CSR European team. Continue reading

Twitter, CSR and Me: A People Fascination

Having been to a few real world CSR events recently and not able to duck the subject of a certain

“real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting. Simply find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the conversations”

cropping up, I’m increasingly feeling like a salesman for Twitter. (where’s my commission @dickc ?)

I’m also noticing and uncomfortable with how often get mistaken for a social media expert. I’m not and I don’t pretend to be. I’m having a great ride on Twitter, I’ve definitely learnt more than a few social media tricks on the way but there are numerous eminently more knowledgeable people a Google search away.

At every event the process is the same. I say hello,  social media enters the conversation, Twitter is discussed and then I feel uncomfortable and that I have to justify so many followers, before realising where they came from, and why I should be proud of this achievement. At the recent Sport and Social Responsibility Summit whilst sitting on a Q&A panel, Daniel Cade (@Responsiball) was playful (?) enough to compare me to the “Justin Bieber of CSR”… but without the followers. I still smilingly cringe at the memory, and for reference you really don’t want to hear try me sing.

Aman Singh over at Vault CSR last week wrote a great post on ‘In Defense of Twitter: 5 Reasons Why I’m A Mad Tweeter’ which I completely connected to Continue reading

Social Media CSR Tips for Small Businesses

The next couple of years are going to get interesting. Technology is continuing to offer ever inspiring ways of sharing information, especially video; CSR is reinforcing its mainstream foothold and smaller businesses are the incubators of tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and the next Google is in a bedroom, garage or somebody’s head somewhere!

For smaller businesses social networks and social media can provide ideal platforms for getting more from your CSR efforts.

Heres a few tips to get the most from your online opportunities: Continue reading

Social Media – CSR’s second internet revolution

I’ve been immersed in the world of CSR for about twelve years now, admittedly I didn’t know it was called CSR for the first couple but it’s been one hell of a ride. I can’t even remember when I first heard the term spoken or saw it written but it was me all over, and the rest is as they say, history. 

The study of the past has never been my biggest love. I’ve always been drawn to looking forwards and the constant new challenges, technologies and all things contemporary. Give me an Ikea sourced room over an antique laden insurance nightmare any day! History though can often a great indicator for future behaviour, offering the chance to predict tomorrow with a clarity not present in the moment. 

We are living in rapidly evolving times. Change is now happening almost faster than we can adapt to and only those who can maintain focus within these tumultuous environments will flourish. One moment of clarity for me was last summer after digesting Clay Shirky’s TED presentation (below) on ‘How social media can make history’ – essential viewing for anybody involved in CSR and the social media circus. 

In a much abridged nutshell, CSR has ticked along for thousands of years in one shape or form. From King Hammurabi of Mesopotamia and his code to protect citizens from poor employers to 3700 years later (with many of the same problems) and our present state of business development, regulation and voluntary codes of conduct and our traditional 20th century perspective of capitalism still dominating. Until around the turn of the century the majority of people encountered CSR directly via their employers and only occasionally via newspapers, radio or television if something went seriously wrong somewhere. 

Then the world-wide web landed and our wide world suddenly got smaller, becoming increasingly connected, or for our particular purposes, at least more information about corporate activity was available if you knew where to look. If the information explosion instigated by the internet has been key in CSR’s adolescence then the mass distribution and interpretation of that information via social media, as described by Shirky, has unlocked adulthood. 

In an agenda that is based upon the concept of transparency CSR is maturing before our eyes yet again as our world comes to terms with the saturation of data and those vying for power as filters and interpreters. We no longer need internet detectives to scour for a crumb of detail about a company’s activities. The problem is deciding which Tweet, blog, video, Google Wave or Buzz we are bombarded with to absorb first. 

There are very few stones left to hide behind. If a business is not acting how it should, somebody somewhere will know, then broadcast it, and people like me will be blogging about it before that company’s communications team even hears the first anxious voice – ask Shell about the 170,000 employees who had their details leaked to activist groups only days ago. 

Then again even so-called information filters or social media experts miss obvious or accidental manipulations, for example, The Yes Men imposing as the US Chamber of Commerce or Coca Cola’s CEO apparently interviewed by Forbes.com announcing his self-appointment as ‘Chief Sustainability Officer’ – it’s easy not to notice the sickly sweet tone of  what can easily be mistaken for editorial content when skimming one article out of a hundred.  One key eye didn’t miss it and spotted a non-disclosed commercial connection and alerted the Twitter community. 


Who do you trust to provide you with information? 

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