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Almost Amazing – New Video from Google for Entrepreneurs

A quick post to share a great video for a world where entrepreneurship is on its way to becoming as prevalent and appealing as the great employed masses.

I have often waxed lyrical about the strengths of entrepreneurialism in smaller business or corporations alike, but business for the sake of business isn’t what we should be aiming for.

Yes, jobs and wealth generation are the essential to stable functioning economies but with the environmental and social storms on the horizon, we need to be demanding more from any new businesses not already ingrained in an outdated carbon intensive, fuck you world I want a yacht mentality.

Entrepreneurship is wonderful but we, and I mean Google in particular, as they should know better (they know everything don’t they?) should be taking the leadership role by seeding all new businesses with the additional knowledge of a world just over the start up launch day party horizon.

Profit is not a bad word, but it does have a bad reputation.

I’ll just leave a couple of such seeds here…

BCorps – Normal business / better model

Breakthrough Business Models – the shape of future business (pdf)






How Can You Change The World Through Entrepreneurship?

Innovation Women Business Start UpSometimes projects appear like rabbits being pulled from a magician’s hat. You’re led to think there’s nothing in there and then hey presto, a cute ball of fluff gets dragged out by the ears.

Usually though, you plan like crazy, target your market and go hell for leather building a sales pipeline to regularly still miss out on the fun prizes that you really want. Hands up if you know what I mean? Good. Most of you.

Considerably less often such opportunities find you with a handful of carrots, an empty hutch, a yearning to breed bunnies, and all in your own backyard.

I can’t share too much quite yet, and my usual exuberance is again obviously overriding my (and others who will shout at me) sense of caution here, but I wanted to quickly reach out to those of you I’ve encountered over many years with a similar mindset.

Here’s the thing…
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Who Helps When Small Business Dreams Turn to Nightmares?

If you hadn’t noticed yet I’m a big fan of small businesses, the usually unsung engine room of most developed economies. Most governments are also big fans, placing an enormous amount of resource to stimulate a constant supply of new business start-ups

This week I came across a great blog which offered a very different perspective on the usually rose-tinted world of small business start-ups, entrepreneurship and the glory that being financially successful can bring.

Being involved with small businesses on a daily (and often nightly) basis I too was blissfully ignorant of an important yet AWOL business support component. Like most people we are all aware of the emphasis placed on new business start-up support as public sector agencies clamour to hit jobs or businesses created targets to satisfy the appetite for constant ‘healthy’ economic growth. We’re all also probably aware of small business failure clichés such as most failing within one year or only 10% surviving beyond three years. So what? Entrepreneurship is about taking risk isn’t it? Continue reading