How Can You Change The World Through Entrepreneurship?

Innovation Women Business Start UpSometimes projects appear like rabbits being pulled from a magician’s hat. You’re led to think there’s nothing in there and then hey presto, a cute ball of fluff gets dragged out by the ears.

Usually though, you plan like crazy, target your market and go hell for leather building a sales pipeline to regularly still miss out on the fun prizes that you really want. Hands up if you know what I mean? Good. Most of you.

Considerably less often such opportunities find you with a handful of carrots, an empty hutch, a yearning to breed bunnies, and all in your own backyard.

I can’t share too much quite yet, and my usual exuberance is again obviously overriding my (and others who will shout at me) sense of caution here, but I wanted to quickly reach out to those of you I’ve encountered over many years with a similar mindset.

Here’s the thing…

Recently a surprise project came out of the hat. I am helping map and design an exciting initially local, but hugely scalable, offline and online support infrastructure concept to blend grassroots entrepreneurialism, jargon-busting purpose and the wider world as a united community of opportunity. Think kinda like Dragon’s Den meets Sustainable Development Goals meets Elon Musk’s clone meets a bucket of good old common-sense. Too much meet?

This journey will begin in the hottest business area right in the heart of Liverpool, UK, with a very real stake in the ground pretty damn soon – a mere couple of weeks away, and the big doors slated to open on the main-phase mid 2017.

So what?

We need you. I’m the stand-in conductor to help form the right team by hook or by crook for this low/non-profit platform.

Are you or your organisation (or somebody you know) driven by a passion for entrepreneurial spirit combined with a strong sense of social impact? Send me an email (address at bottom of page) and I’ll share some of the secret details!

For more context…

The core aims include mixing the strengths of traditional entrepreneurialism with a healthy blend of silo-busting tangible social and environmental impact. Another aim is to also actively seed such creative and pragmatic solution developers with the examples of success and potential opportunities from traditional and social sides of the entrepreneurial fence from around the world. All cushioned by the latest technology, successful mentors, educators, global champions and signposting ecosystem.

#tech #digital #innovation #startup #BCorp #CSR #socent #creative #nurture #smallbiz #sustainability

We’ve got an amazing physical space commitment and an already growing community of energised allies from my inner circles including big names, recognisable brands and stars of the future already chomping at the bit for the details.

Definitely more to come over the next few weeks. I know, I know, it’s all too bloody vague, but trust me, there is some juicy meat hidden behind the scenes to go with the organic carrots. I can keep some secrets!

Reach me at for more information, to join our allies and help build a new entrepreneurial social good manifesto.



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