What Does the Latest ‘Human Capital Report’ Really Offer?

gx-cons-hc-human-capital-leading-in-the-new-world-of-workBefore getting to the interesting highlight figures let me frame the perspective early. This is another survey, and definitely of value when wanting to better understand the wider landscape of trends and motivations. The big ‘but’ is, as always, the gap between survey responses and actual action, especially when generated by companies that sell the services that their report findings reinforce.

Content marketing is a wonderful thing as long as we understand the context of the headlines and statistics being shared. There are too many mirages out there in social good media land polished by incredibly talented creative types.

It’s all too easy to skim the stand out statistics and slick infographics and slip apathetically into believing progress is a constant. The real world away from the leaders is sadly often very different; slower, less bold, apathetic and often polar opposed to the radars of such allegedly globally influential surveys.

All things CSR continues to bury its feet into the responsibilities across all the individual business functions and HR is without doubt still sitting on a goldmine that it doesn’t fully understand the potential available. By better connecting purpose to performance across the employee spectrum far greater returns will be had by many.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

The most recent fascinating read emerges as Deloitte recently revealed it’s latest Human Capital Trends 2015 report. ‘Culture and engagement’ as a top issue has significantly almost doubled (26 – 50%) since their last report. That alone was hook enough for me to read and share. Why the sudden jump? Are the Millennials getting a stronger hold on leadership as they mature?

If you want just the top ten trends then here you go, although you will have to read the report for the real detail:

  • Leadership: Why a perennial issue?
  • Learning and development: Into the spotlight
  • Culture and engagement: The naked organisation
  • Workforce on demand: Are you ready?
  • Performance management: The secret ingredient
  • Reinventing HR: The extreme makeover
  • HR and people analytics: Stuck in neutral
  • People data everywhere: Bringing the outside in
  • Simplification of work: The coming revolution
  • Machines as talent: Collaboration, not competition

Click on the link in the above text for more nuggets to digest and adapt into your real world.





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