Did Apple Hear Me?


Hi folks. It’s been a while. Life got busy without asking first.

More posts and more updates to come soon, and I was trying to get the foundations of the change done before posting again, but I just couldn’t resist, and here’s why, something important is getting ‘Better’…



For those new to these parts, I’ve had a love hate relationship with Apple as long as I’ve been involved in the world of CSR. Beautiful design and killer marketing has constantly torn at my belief that Apple was one of the most guilty by avoidance in the wider responsible business agenda. I’ve written a few times and one of the most recent (before the barren spell) was just after Tim Cook took the CEO mantle and offered hope to those who desperately dreamed for a new all-star athlete in the CSR team.

Back in February 2012 with ‘Apple’s Ethical Watershed‘ I dared to suggest that Tim Cook would provide an optimistic leadership style borne out of his supply chain background and obviously different personality to his predecessor Steve Jobs, and it’s looking I could have been right.

I’d like to think that maybe, just maybe, this video is further evidence of internal changes of ethos and the continuation of previous signs of a greener leadership and a new brand positioning campaign. iCSR could be on the way!

The fact that Apple is actively talking green could be the start of something big, very big.


6 thoughts on “Did Apple Hear Me?

    1. davidcoethica Post author

      They appear, at least, to have made a definite recent effort communicating such issues, from Tim Cook’s personal words to this latest formal video. Here’s hoping that the work behind the scenes lives up to the high expectations they set themselves in terms of brand and product design. It wasn’t that long ago that such content would never have appeared in an Apple guise and attract unwanted environmental attention.

      I wouldn’t call them a leader yet but with all the cash they have in the bank they could catch up and overtake many of their peers very rapidly, if the commitment is real.


  1. Dan Vivian

    It is great to see such an influential company getting sustainability firmly embedded on its agenda. It is just a shame the “ad” is not quite up to its normal power – more of corporate video than an ad. I’m sure the marketing teams at Apple will catch up and start really engaging in the whole conversation and communicating positive actions.

    I like the print ads though, nice sideswipe at Samsung.


    1. davidcoethica Post author

      I totally agree Dan. Whilst the ad and video are good but not Apple on full speed, I’m heartened by their decision to stick their heads above this particular parapet. I think they’ll be struggling internally with understanding they’re not a front runner in this space yet which won’t sit too well with their “we’re the best” brand position. Once these small steps help them the find humility and transparency can generate tangible brand value and trust I’m hoping they ramp up their game.

      For me Apple’s killer sustainability app will be when they find their unique innovation space and market opportunity.



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