Being Good is Not Overrated

Despicable-Me-PosterYes, I can muster a pretty impressive Meeeester Gru impression. My son may not agree, but hey, it makes me laugh.

Apologies for this post, but this is all about not-so-Despicable me. No offence taken at all if you click away at this point, as I need to indulge myself a little.

After seven and a half years of all things Coethica the time is ready for me to evolve. I know not what that change is specifically at this particular moment – all suggestions are very welcome from anywhere, or any sector in the world – but a new direction will be forged. Some interesting offers are being considered but for the sanity of everybody around me my main hat will at least be worn much less from this day on.

The reason for this channel of personal thinking out loud is to help clear my head and also tap into and share with some of the many amazing people and organisations I have met and shared many ideas online. I am by nature an explorer, a passionate creative nuisance intent on leaving our world better than it would have been without me.

After falling in love with the purest form of this thing called CSR (i.e. holistic, balanced and embedded – you know the one, the lesser spotted variety) about 15 years ago I’ve met leaders from global CEO’s to local start-up entrepreneurs in deprived communities that have both dazzled and depressed. I’ve set up social enterprises, supported corporates and what feels like everything in between. I’m sure there’s a couple of books in there somewhere.

I know for a fact business can change the world, most of the time it just needs giving the confidence to try harder.

This is not to say Coethica will be no more, version 2 is defined and ready to roll, it is that it needs at least somebody else at the helm. Let me know if you want to find out more and take the reins of a ready-made social business to change the world! My gift to the right person, with maybe a couple of thin strings.

It has been for the most part a lonely journey, both geographically and intellectually, setting off in 2005 to challenge and inspire the small and medium market (but not excluding the corporates) to see the benefits of all things CSR / social enterprise /’pick your ethical business buzzword’ all atop a rollercoaster of a personal life that until recently only began to give me genuine freedom to get out and begin to deliver what we had learned through years of grassroots SME and corporate ‘market research’.

Sometimes the hardest decision in the world is being honest with yourself and make that change to re-energise spiritually. My wonderful wife and wider family have supported me through some magical highs and crushing lows and I owe it to them to take a more simplified path. Spinning too many plates for too long, however impressive at the time, is a recipe for one hell of a mess of crockery, not that I’ve broken many but I’ve been close to a couple of wobblers.

In short, I’m taking a the next couple of months to explore my own future as a real person separate from Coethica – a hard task for any entrepreneur, and the options on the horizon so far just don’t feel like the right fit. So, if you or anybody you know has a challenge they need help with or a gap that needs filling, by somebody of certain unique cocktail of experiences and abilities, well, as long as it serves a greater good, my intrigue is open for discussion.

If anybody should want a more focused summary of me, give me a call (get in touch via the comments) as I like a good natter, or for the more passive / furtive out there, my LinkedIn profile is probably as good place to start as any.

And just for pure childish summer fun, here is the trailer for Despicable Me 2. Enjoy. Freeeeze Ray!

8 thoughts on “Being Good is Not Overrated

  1. Amara

    Dear David,

    You managed to combine my two ‘passions’ CSR and Despicable Me. Thank you!

    I wish you all the best,


  2. Marcelo Castro

    Hello David: Thank you for the wonderful work you do and in my particular case, for helping me in my research. I learned a ton from your posts and I’ve been inspired by your energy and commitment. Unfortunately we live in a culture in which ideas and values are sanitized to fit the consumer society agenda and CSR is yet to have a powerful counterpart to that. We don’t seem to account for the externalities of our behavior and it is always easy to look the other way.
    I hope that we can stay connected, and remain optimistic.
    I am also sorry that I waited for you to post something so personal, for me to take the time to thank you. This is probably due to the same human nature that I always complain about!
    All the best…you have a in South Florida.


    1. davidcoethica Post author

      Hi Marcelo

      I’m always optimistic. In part that is my challenge, especially when so many great people with inspiring ideas reach out and ask for help. I have been more than a little guilty of over-stepping my own ‘CSR’ guidelines and offering time and support without formal reward. All good learning but not great for sticking to strategic plans!av

      I’ll always be around to help and share wherever I can. It’s who I am not what I try to be. Some things will never change, but for me it is time to rebalance and refocus.

      It may not be a case of too many big changes, or maybe it will. I just wanted to throw my thoughts into the wind and see what adventures may lie ahead.



  3. Paul at B1G1

    Great stuff, David.

    Love the post. Oh that more could be like this. GREAT stuff.

    Be sure to stay close too

    Paul Dunn | Co-Founder and Chairman

    This email makes a difference. Find out how.

    Buy1GIVE1 – B1G1 | Business Giving ReDefined | +65 6898 2446


    1. davidcoethica Post author

      Thanks Paul. I think our strapline at times should have been GIVE1 – ANDANOTHER1 😉 I’m not going far just a realignment, a streamlining and a refuelling.


  4. theSustainableSME

    You have just reminded me that I need to watch that movie… someone gave it to me as a pressie ages ago.
    Best of luck in whatever the future holds for you. Hopefully the world of CSR will become a less lonely place in the future! I will keep an eye out for you. I have truly enjoyed your blog and tweets etc. Have fun on your next adventure, whatever it may be.


  5. Celesa Horvath

    Thanks for this post, David. I can totally relate to some of the challenges you describe, and the need – the urgent need – to evolve, re-energize, and forge a brave new path. It’s always difficult to leave behind something in which you have invested so much, but, as you clear intellectual, spiritual, and other space, it makes room for fabulous new things. I’m trying to do some similar introspection, but it sure is tough to make the time and space, especially in an overfull life! Good luck with it. I look forward to hearing about your journey.



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