Unexplained Mystery Post

You may have noticed a strange post here from yesterday evening about ‘Take a look at Maps’.

I’m pretty certain the site hasn’t been hacked and the not-so-lengthy high tech investigation has revealed two possibilities:


My currently very temperamental Samsung Galaxy S2 spontaneously posted in reaction to a bitterly cold hilly seven mile run – and Endomondo did flip out at a very similar time.



My wonderfully talented and curious soon to be six-year-old son Jack (who should have been in bed at that time on a school night), was experimenting with Daddy’s laptop whilst he was out running.

Both explanations cannot be ruled out at this point. An interrogation will be held with said son as soon as he gets home from his Grandparents, and before his bedtime milk.

Either way, please accept my apologies for any spam like notifications and feel reassured that my attempts at running shall never again take control of the gadgetry, and Jack’s next post will be of much higher quality and eloquence.

I hope you enjoy Jack’s latest artwork – ‘Tree in a storm’ – as token reparation for the posting blip.

2 thoughts on “Unexplained Mystery Post

  1. Emma Ives

    Well I think your son’s painting is just wonderful. And somehow there must be an allegory here: as children, we are so conscious of and awestruck by the world around us, and so determined to repair injustice, to preserve the natural world, to make a contribution. Yet how often things change by the time we are adults. How and why? Is a successful career or company merely one measured by money? I would dare to suggest we all want to be remembered for our contribution and not the money we made – for ourselves or someone else. A question: who can you name that is remembered fondly for the money they made, unless it was money they gave away philanthropically….



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