Football CSR Team Talk at Responsiball

This week for no reason in particular my attention has been gravitating towards football. It may well be a returning passion after recovery following eight years worth of burn out. Behind the media hype  I’m constantly on the look out for any beacons of hope in the form of CSR related developments to really begin to justify the overused ‘Power of football / sport’ cliché. One such emerging gem may well be Responsiball.

My football radar started pinging last week with Gary Speed’s sad and untimely death through what appears to a result of depression, then watching a resurgent Liverpool FC remind ex-team mate Fernando Torres what a good team is against Chelsea FC in the Carling Cup, next I saw the news break about a former Everton FC colleague, Communications Director Ian Ross, departing the club in strange circumstances, then it was a formal yet enjoyable discussion about Coethica steering a to remain unnamed Premier League Club toward a more strategic CSR path, and finally rounding things off today just in time for the Euro 2012 draw.

But the highlight of my footballing diary this week had to be the conversation with Daniel Cade at Responsiball.

I met Daniel about a year ago as he was touring English football organisations to research the field (apologies for the pun) and garner support for the concept they were developing. Football as an industry is not unlike many others from a CSR perspective, that is, there is work very much still to do, but football does live behind a greater veil of hype and superficiality than most. Whilst there are impressive pockets of excellent community engagement there is little strategic understanding of business in many cases never mind CSR. Responsiball is one initiative that aims to provide a platform for all those in and around football to connect, share best practice and hopefully accelerate the development of a more inclusive, socially and environmentally aware industry.

Responsiball is a free to all platform that aims to be

the first point of reference for responsible football clubs.

The brainchild of Schwery Consulting, the platform aims to share best practice in an environment that professionals within football feel comfortable away from the at times overwhelming public expectancy as the beacons they are in their individual communities. The two main roles it plays are as an open database of best practice for global football CSR and a social network for practitioners and

For a whistle-stop video tour of the Responsiball website check out the video below…

Recently Responsiball published their findings of their first ever European Social Responsibility League Ranking.The headline findings include:

  • The top club had a social responsibility score of 83%
  • 29 out of 400 clubs scored 0%
  • The average score was 19%
So huge potential for improvement! The benchmarking average scores per league are shown in the chart below. Good to see England at the top of the European league for a change!!

Jason Morgan (CEO, Charlton Athletic Community Trust): “Given its offering of good practice and guidelines and the know-how to build meaningful programmes, practitioners should have an invaluable resource that adds greater credibility to this field.”

Find out more at or on Twitter at @Responsiball or Facebook at

Head over and sign-up to check out the best CSR football has to offer.

Post updated 18 January 2012

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