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Seems like my fun and speedily thrown together post during the UEFA Champions League Final has caused a bit of a stir, and rightly too. A few eagle eyed CSR friends noticed the deliberate mistake and passed the test. Honest.

Yes, the team lacked a little gender diversity and was all men! My original  selection criteria was very loose and based on CSR reputation and any football connections (and my awareness of). Like any good team Captain I’ve had an imaginary word with the Manager and suggested a couple of new signings both on and off the pitch. I only hope we can afford the fees and will be actively looking for a new sponsorship deal with Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream (any ideas who’s been scouted?) to help with the fees.

I’ve included the new signings below, assuming the money is available. I’ve also had imaginary calls to those who’ve been dropped to make way for the new players, with one dummy spat out (now playing in the reserves) and one player off to be a TV pundit.

I’m also starting to scout the USA for the next team, after all we’re going to need somebody to play against! Let me know who I should pick?    



I couldn’t resist picking a European Champions League CSR squad today following inspiration from @aandreup’s Tweet and of course tonight’s big game.

A great point simply stated.

It made me smile and sent me back a few years to my time in football. So, sat in front of Barcelona V Man Utd in tonight’s European Champions League final I decided to pick my own CSR European team.

With a few years behind me as manager of an England squad I’d like to think I could put a decent team together. Whilst I’ve tried my very best to focus on European based professionals I’ve included one or two quality overseas players befitting of a European final – they may of had distant European ancestry / passports somewhere to qualify 😉

Team Sheet:

  1. Fabian Pattberg
  2. Daniel Cade
  3. Brendan May
  4. John Craig – Elaine Cohen
  5. Julien Goy
  6. Frederic Page
  7. David Connor
  8. Henk CampherSolitaire Townsend
  9. James Farrar
  10. Toby Webb
  11. Juan Villamayor
  12. Chris Milton
  13. John Kim
  14. Diana Verde Nieto

Manager: Alberto Andreu Pinillos

New signing: Assistant Manager – Lucy Marcus

How the team was selected:

Fabian Pattberg (Germany) – Goalkeeper – @FabianPattberg

You need a tall guy in goal and Fabian is also definitely a safe pair of hands with great distribution via

Daniel Cade (Switzerland) – Right Back – via @Responsiball

A great all round knowledge of CSR and sport – check out and must be fit enough as allegedly known to do triathlons.

Brendan May (England) – Central Defence – @bmay

With a strong NGO background Brendan had to be a defender, and as a Liverpool fan was destined to make it into the team.

Jim Craig (England) – Central Defence – @jimcraiguk

The second of the Liverpool FC fan pairing in the heart of the defence. Ex- Sun Microsystems now running his own CSR business (, a dependable stopper.

New signing: Elaine Cohen (England via Israel) – Central Defence – @elainecohen

The queen of CSR reporting is an obvious improvement to our defensive line-up. Elaine’s scrutiny doesn’t allow anything to get past her. Her hometown of Manchester should have been an obvious reason too!

Julien Goy (Switzerland) – Left Back – @juliengoy

I’m guessing but I can imagine Julien as a pacey wing back (I’ve seen his running times on Endomondo). He was also recently spotted on a UEFA coaching video.

David Connor (England) – Central Midfield & Captain – @davidcoethica

The ‘Duracell Bunny of CSR’ according to Jim Craig (above) and a similar energy on the pitch. Give somebody a coaching badge and they starting organising everything on the pitch – that’s me 😉 My distribution has also improved since joining @3BLMedia

Juan Villamayor (Spain) – Right Midfield – @juanvillamayor

We had to have at least one Spaniard in the team and is based in Barcelona (according to Twitter). With a look of Xabi Alonso about his online photos that’s more than enough to get in the team.

Henk Campher (USA) – Central Midfield – @AngryAfrican

You can’t have a successful team without a communicator (SVP at Edelman)  in the middle of the pitch, and another avid Liverpool FC fan.

New signing: Solitaire Townsend (England) – Central Midfield – @GreenSolitaire

A like-for-like replacement in the middle of the park. A talented home-grown midfield green communicator to orchestrate proceedings.

Frederic Page (France) – Left Midfield – @carbonimpact

He may be French but another Barcelona based CSR star had to make the starting eleven. Hope he’s left footed.

Toby Webb (England) – Attack – @tobiaswebb76

Definitely not afraid of saying what needs to be said and had to be in attack. A great recent post on Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) forced him into contention.

James Farrar (Ireland) – Attack – @jamesfarrar

A CSR great who like Toby isn’t known for being shy about those who could do better. An intelligent striker using SAP’s energy efficiency software to enable him to keep up with the younger upstarts.

Alberto Andreu Pinillos (Spain) – Manager – @aandreup 

The shrewd statesman of the squad and the reason for the post. The Manager role feels perfect for him.

New signing: Lucy Marcus (England) – Assistant Manager – @LucyMarcus

We needed a foil for our male dominated structure and we’re glad to welcome Lucy into the football boardroom to improve our strategic thinking.


Chris Milton – (England) – @britesprite

A passionate CSR / sustainability writer – not sure football is even his game!

John Kim – (USA) – @worldcupCSR

Herman Miller’s A Better World / CSR Marketing Manager and knowledgeable football / CSR blogger

New signing: Diana Verde Nieto (England) – @dianaverdenieto

A great leader and all-rounder able to change the team’s performance when playing.

Champions League update:
A brilliant win for an at times sublime Barcelona. A genuine shame the trophy isn’t coming to England but the difference in class on the night was apparent for all to see, even Sir Alex Ferguson had nobody to blame.

                                                                                              Who else would you have picked?

19 thoughts on “New Signings > European Champions League CSR Team

    1. davidcoethica Post author

      Me too. I did think about trying to find footballing connections to female CSR stars.

      The closest I could think of was Elaine Cohen hailing from Manchester – think I might need to add her in!

      No place in any team is guaranteed! Inclusion is based on recent performances.

      I can feel a monthly global team idea forming 🙂

      Always keen to make team changes if anybody can make suggestions?

      Who can you think of Susan?


  1. Julien

    Looks great! I have to admit: my left foot will need some practice…So Fabian, make sure you keep an eye on our left wing, there could be trouble over there!


    1. davidcoethica Post author

      I think we’ll need some practice games to finalise positions on the field. It’s not easy to tell people’s footballing strengths from a Twitter bio 😉

      Maybe a game against a USA CSR team? Could be another team to be selected! A CSR World Cup perhaps?


  2. James Farrar

    Hilarious. David in fine form after the Champions Legaue Final — I’m assuming that his preferred team won.

    I wonder how we’d actually get on in a real match. We definitely could play the Americans and they could certainly field a team. But what about Asia, Africa … who are the players there? I don’t know either and that in itself says a lot………….

    Thanks for including me…..


  3. Daniel Cade

    Loving the fact that I got the nod at right back over a certain G. Neville; especially considering his recent foray into the world of sustainability in sport 😉

    How about the upcoming Mondialli Antirazzisti tournament as a venue to put your tactical nous to test, David?


  4. elaine cohen

    well David, Confucius says “He who learns but does not think, is lost. He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.” Obviously you are neither lost nor in danger, as you smartly listened and learned from your stakeholders, and adapted your strategy accordingly. Of course, having us gals on the team will catapult the CSR Team to the top of the league in no time, – the power of diversity always triumphs. Anyway, glad to be part of such an illustrious team … when do we play Man U?


    1. davidcoethica Post author

      It’s all about the best team – quality shines through!

      Not sure about Man Utd – they’ll probably be licking their wounds for some time after Saturday’s performance.


  5. Solitaire Townsend

    Remember, we have everything to play for. There are no easy games in CSR. We’re still early doors this season but if we all give it 110% we’ll be too good to go down. ‘El Futbol Es Asi‘


  6. Beth Goldman

    I think you are lacking CSR and sustainability in the developing world (Africa) (Entrepreneurship) , athletic talent, and corporate gov. in the form of youth/gender (diversity).

    I hate to say it but if you don’t have Umair Haque on your team, you are lost. =)


    1. davidcoethica Post author

      Hi Beth

      Umair is a brilliant suggestions but competition for places is strong and we need to see how those selected play in their first game.

      We’re a European team not African but think we’re not too bad on athletic talent (marathoners, triathlete, coaches etc).

      Admittedly we could do with more youth coming through the system and I’m working in a a youth CSR & football academy next! 😉



    1. davidcoethica Post author

      Hi Henk

      It was a tough decision, that’s why I’m paid the big money (not) to make these big changes 😉

      If you keep up the hard work and quality perforances you may well end up in an interesting looking USA XI – watch this space!




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