Social Media, Sustainability and Transparency

Two posts in less than a week? I must officially be an insomniac.

Tonight’s excuse is that I’m waiting for my laptop to painfully slowly back-up before setting off to Paris to take part in Societe Generale’s Citizen Act finale.

I was invited to take part in today’s Guardian’s Sustainable Business live online Q&A on ‘Using social media to communicate sustainability’.

If nothing else I’d head over that way to look at some authoritative responses from Lucy Warin (Futerra Communications) and Diana Verde Nieto (ex Clownfish Group CEO).

I really liked one particular quote from Diana (below) comparing sustainability and the digital space.

I would also suggest taking a look at a website mentioned by Diana aiming to better engage sustainability experts – I’d already had a look around, which appears similar in ethos if not application, to a project I saw about a year ago that Christine Arena was working on called SparkUp!

I am by nature easily distracted and the comment feed format of the event is one I always find cumbersome but productive in a robust low-tech fashion way. 107 comments over a 3 hour period is not to be sniffed at though, and offered busy people the chance to pop in and out of the conversation when they could.

During one of not too many distracted moments, I went to see what was happening over on Tweetdeck and I noticed a timely message from Tom Raftery on ‘Social Sustainability and the Importance of Sharing’.

The whole event good fun and was far more than competently marshalled by Rosie Bristow from the Guardian, with a more easily digestible summary on Rosie’s imminent to do list.

One thought on “Social Media, Sustainability and Transparency

  1. Riccardo Wagner

    Hallo David – that was really an interesting conversation at the guardian. I d like to add one thing, thats concerns me for a long time now. We talk a lot about Social Media, we talk a lot about csr-communications, the exiting chances – all that. But what I learned in my now 12 professionell experience in communications is -that not even the first step – a solid corporate communications framework is to be found in far too many companies, esp. in SME. Its not that many People openly doubt that you need such thing – but when it comes to putting your budget, where your mouth/believes are…
    Social Media has in addition to that the typical Web-Problem. It is often believed to be free of charge and manageable by everybody smart enough to start his computer. But its naturally no like that. Social Media is extremly timeconsuming and therefore expensive – not to mention the sometimes enormous responsibility a social Media Manager has to bear, with no distance between him and an audience of maybe millions of people. It much more like impro-theater in front of the whole world then anything else in communications – and your performance coins a companies image also more like many other measures – with great chances/perils. There was a survey today by AT Kearny saying that 90 percent of all Facebook-Comments on the Top 50 Brands Pages are going unresponded – how awfull is that? But it doesnt suprise me – communication is a hard day to day job that needs strategy, committment an budget, no matter if its called Social Media, Sustainability Communications or whatever. Greetings from Colonge, Germany Riccardo Wagner – BetterRelations CSR-Strategy & Communications



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