2011 – A Good Year for CSR Communications in Europe






Time for a quick update on my movements in the world of CSR.

After a couple of years talking with all those friendly sorts at 3BL Media, sharing blog posts, tweets,  Skype conversations and even yours truly sat in front of a video camera for 3BL TV, we decided it was time to announce our formal engagement.

Whilst Coethica continues to grow with all involved taking more on, I will be spending the majority of my time in 2011 as European Director for 3BL Media, bringing their impressive communications platform to this side of the Atlantic.

For those who read this blog who don’t know 3BL Media, they’re the leading CSR and sustainability communications distributors. Yes, there are others out there, you know who they are but I’m not giving them any search engine kudos here, but I’ve been constantly impressed by the team at 3BL, and in particular with their ethos, focus and vision.

I’ve been fascinated for some time by the proliferation of American CSR content online and this is my way of helping Europe readdress the balance. Should I mention the Ryder Cup here? Maybe not a good idea.

So, if anybody out there in the blogosphere wants great CSR and sustainability content in all forms of media (video, audio, articles, press releases, blog posts for bloggers, news sites, networks etc) or you need to get your company’s message out the widest authoritative and engaged audience, from anywhere in Europe, I’m your man.

3BL only very recently announced a new partnership with the Global Reporting Initiative, you really should see the CSR Report special edition videos for Reuters (latest: CSR and Sustainable Retail video below), and there is much, much more coming along the pipeline soon via the USA office.

Just wait until I get started – it’s going to be fun!


Come and join the 3BL Media family yourself by checking out the links below:


3BL Media on LinkedIn

3BL Media on Facebook

3BL Media on Twitter


I guess there will also be a few more communications related posts heading this way as I climb up the learning curve of media distribution.

It’s a good job 3BL’s corporate colours match the shirt in my avatar 😉

Go and say hello to Greg Schneider, Cindy Esposito, Doug Fulton and all of our growing Trans-Atlantic 3BL family.


8 thoughts on “2011 – A Good Year for CSR Communications in Europe

  1. Nick Palmer

    Glad that the snowball continues to get bigger. Corporations are now outpacing governments. Whether it is going to be enough, early enough to head off the problems ahead is debatable.

    The European environment is possibly more receptive to these ideas anyway. Welcome to Europe!


    1. davidcoethica Post author

      Thanks Tom

      Hope all is well at Microsoft – great stats about fundraising released last week. $96 million for good causes! $100 million will be a fantastic goal to achieve this year 😉



      1. tmurphy

        All well in the Pacific Northwest, yes the generosity of people is pretty incredible, I think the Giving organizers are trying to manage expectations internally 😉 but I agree it would be fantastic!

        Glad to hear all is well with you. And an agreeable result for all on Merseyside today 🙂



    1. davidcoethica Post author

      Hi Stephen

      Thanks for the support.

      The primary objectives are to improve the European distribution channels, enhance content diversity (i.e. more none US originated content) and build the overall client base this side of the Atlantic.

      I’ve worked closely with 3BL Media for some time and have been continually impressed by their ethos and professionalism and had to jump at the chance of working more in such an exciting space.

      Lots of news to come from and via 3BL this year!



  2. Sasha

    Congrats on the role David! A year into it, I’m curious to learn how you would measure 3BL Media Europe’s development of clients, distribution channels, and content diversity. What milestones would you like to share as we wind down 2011?



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