A Great Small Green Book

The Three Secrets of Green Business by Gareth KaneBook Review:

The Three Secrets of Green Business


If you’re part of a small business in the UK and want an easy to read yet comprehensive guide to green business, go no further, even forget Google searches, this is it.

I have been known to be less than complimentary towards some books and guides allegedly aimed at the SME market, as many don’t genuinely understand their intended audience.

Gareth’s tone and content are perfect for many time poor managers pushed into dealing with today’s growing green pressures, and usually with little previous experience of environmental management.

Any book that is confident enough to use words as accessible as ‘stuff’ and ‘jollies’ (i.e. an indulgent unnecessary business trip) whilst remaining authoritative works for me.

The book covers everything most small (and many bigger) businesses will need to understand and begin to manage their environmental impacts better. Change management, sustainability big picture, small steps, huge leaps, environmental managements systems,  strategic planning, external communication all get a concise, non-condescending, and dare I say it, almost entertaining treatment.

A stand out feature for me was the regular top tip lists. There’s plenty of quick wins to keep the toughest of Managing Directors onside.

There’s also a useful list useful websites (if maybe soon to be out of date because of the ‘other’ CSR – UK Govt Comprehensive Spending Review, i.e. public spending cuts)

I’ll be recommending this book to our new small business clients as an excellent entry level reference guide for whoever gets thrown the environmental gauntlet.

My only real criticism would be about putting the glossary at the front. For me there’s nothing more off-putting than seeing the jargon first! I also would have liked to have seen more pages spent inspiring innovation, but hey, it’s a short book with a whole world to cover, so I guess I forgive Gareth.


Check out Gareth at Terra Infirma or on Twitter as @GarethKane

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