Coethica’s new CSR training, mentoring and SME Academy

Apologies for the infrequent posting but the epic scale plate-spinning behind the scenes is beginning to bear fruit!

Globe and book pictureAnd here’s a taster of things to come…

…Warning! – This is an unashamed but humble request for critical feedback.

Back at the day job at Coethica were close to formally launching Coethica Training,  a new suite of Corporate Social Responsibility training and mentoring services and me being the perfectionist that I am, I’d appreciate any brutally honest opinion by those inclined to comment.

I’ve added a news item to the main Coethica website (as I want to get the word out now and haven’t the patience to wait until our new website is finished) and invite all feedback positive or negative.

We’ve been delivering training in various guises ever since we established the business but now feels like the right time to offer separate and formal products to complement the strategic planning and implementation side of our offering.

We’ve developed training courses to cover every size and shape of business wanting to get the most out of their CSR agenda from start-up / SME to Corporates and across every sector.

We also plan to offer structured mentoring / executive coaching for individuals already engaged in CSR, or those wanting to get into the industry.

Most of the content is almost finished with just a little work remaining on branding before we officially ramp up any promotion.

I’ve also made a brief mention of the new Coethica Academy were we aim to offer, through an application process,  free inspiration, motivation, education and advice to a restricted number of enthusiastic small businesses each year to steer them along a profitable CSR journey.

Here’s a couple of questions to stimulate your urge to comment:

  • What topics are needed by employees / executives you’re aware of?
  • What format is preferred – short & intense or spread over a day a week / month etc?
  • What is the worst training story you’ve heard?

Please leave comments below or talk directly to Helena via the contact details on the website.

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4 thoughts on “Coethica’s new CSR training, mentoring and SME Academy

  1. Dave Harrhy

    David, first of all I think this a great idea – more education that is accessible and broken down in smaller chunks to make it achievable is always a good thing.

    In discussions with organizations we have found that folks often “get” the need for CSR activities – and on a very general scale fall into one of three camps.

    1. Love it, but don’t know what to do
    2. Think the love it, but are actually just engaging in a PR process and lack the strategic engagement and thinking and;
    3. Are already doing something and are resistant to tinkering with it.

    So, I think the first issue is to make sure it is accessible via web based interfaces, small group discussion and that there is a specific goal to be obtained. e.g. a certificate, or completion of course that is a pre-requisite for more advanced work. My personal belief is that “toe-dipping” in the CSR field can actually be counter-productive and that learners need to have an opportunity to grasp the big picture and to act within it, versus just geting a little bit of info and declaring themselves experts.

    On the worst bit of training, one that leaps to mind is what I call the “teaser” idea, i.e. I will give you a little bit of information but if you want all the skills then you have to buy this video, or book etc. Any shameless self-promotion disguised as training is always a sham and a waste.

    Good luck to you. I look forward to seeing your idea progress.



    1. davidcoethica Post author

      Hi Dave

      All great stuff and I’m glad to say already built in! I’m especially keen to build in layers of accessibility using web technologies. We’ve got a some exciting innovative plans in the pipeline to both raise awareness and educate regardless of individual background.

      Thanks for the comment and watch this space!



  2. Barkha

    Hey David,
    Some of your posts are so knowledgeable and a must for corporates to implement in times today. I liked reading the posts on climate change, communications and ethics. Amazingly these three aspects are so interlinked for inculcating change not just as a system but a behavioral disposition. You may like to visit my blog and share your thoughts.
    Barkha Dhar


  3. Dede Hajri

    I am a dedicated follower of your posts. very usefull and innovative!

    at corporate we have a strong CSR going on.. but without any of the employees being involved.

    the company has been in the business for 30 years with the same CSR.. but without exposing it to the public. and as a CSR & PR specialist I am finding difficulty on where to start and catch up with almost 30 years of efforts!

    i suggest to start with an annual CSR report like the one Nike had a while back.. that highlighted their efforts for the past 5 years. and then start having press releases about our CSR function.

    -how to publish CSR in an nobel way.
    -how to get employees involved.



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