Fox News & US Chamber of Commerce Stung by Yes Men Climate Change Hoax

I’m Spartacus!

Who said politics, environment and commerce couldn’t be entertaining? Corporate activists, the Yes Men, managed to trick Reuters into relaying a story that the US Chamber of Commerce had rethought its position on climate change and had made a public announcement.

The first video here demonstrates the wonderful world of live entertainment. Fox News were caught out as a live reporter isn’t quite sure what his producer is telling him, like a hedgehog caught in the middle of a busy highway.



This next clip gets even better as we see the actual press conference, including confrontation with genuine US Chamber official. It’s astonishing to think it was that easy to pull off such a hoax but even better to see the US Chamber squirming. Who is the real US Chamber official? You can taste the uncertainity in the perplexed audience. I almost felt sorry for Eric Wohlschlegel, but not that much. He could have handled the situation much better, or at least not attempted to be the Lone Ranger. He cuts a lonely figure at a few points, literally and intellectually – watch for yourself…



It’s great, if painful to watch and wonderfully poignant, highlighting the US Chamber’s climate change stance for the absurdity that it is.

As for journalists not checking facts, do they ever?

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