I’ve not been slacking!

JM logoHello Blogworld

Apologies for the trickle of postings lately but I’ve been distracted by agreeing to write for the CSR section of the Justmeans.com editorial section and working on an upgrade for all of Coethica’s online footprint.

I’m working hard behind the scenes to ensure I can get as many posts up on both sites and should soon have come to terms with managing┬áthis substantial writing committment!

Please head over to the Justmeans.com site and check it out to meet many like minded individuals and companies.

Don’t forget to say hello whilst you’re there!


2 thoughts on “I’ve not been slacking!

  1. Cara

    Sure David! We know you’re somewhere on the beach relaxing. Lol! Just kidding! I’m looking forward to your posts on JustMeans. ­čÖé


    1. davidcoethica Post author

      Hey Cara

      I wish!! The beaches near Liverpool are a little cold at the moment!

      OK need to go a catch up with more JM posts – it’s hard work keeping up with all this writing!




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