An Apple a Day

iphone 3GSOver the past couple of months I’ve attended a fair few CSR related events which are great for garnering the latest best practice or meeting interesting people.

One particular unspoken theme keeps quietly nagging at me. We are constantly preaching to the converted, albeit a painfully slowly growing audience.

How do we as a collection of practitioners, champions, academics, business leaders and consumers take the next and toughest step to begin to win over more naysayers who unfortunately occupy the majority?

We (those who know) are more than aware of the tangibly empowering benefits of having the wider vision that CSR / sustainability lenses give and have increasingly credible data to back up our position, but I still feel we’re still desperately clawing to get to any genuine tipping point. The explosion in social media is helping our cause by exponentially generating the sharing of information but something tells me we need something else.

Is CSR the management equivalent of fruit and vegetables in our diets? Everybody knows how nutritious oranges, pears, cucumbers, carrots etc are for us but how many really eat enough of what we should? If we had the marketing creativity of a global agency and the resources to push our humble fuuit & veg in the same way they do for say Nike trainers, Apple for iPhones or Coca-Cola would we eat more healthily? Does the responsibility / ethics agenda need a innovative and sustained marketing campaign?

We need somebody new to shake up the language and attitude to enthuse a new audience.

Imagine a world where Apple branched out into management consultancy…

Who would you want to market a new and improved CSR?

2 thoughts on “An Apple a Day

  1. bbrian017

    Considering the end consumer is ever more educated then ever I would suggest a small scale campaign. See you don’t want to over die the CSR campaign because the customer will know you’re sucking up. They will know your intentions are not genuine and more related to helping grow your business or sell your products.

    Marketing has changed so much and for that reason so should CSR.

    P.S. Fruits and Vegetables are better than the SCR as they actually do well for you.

    Great writing skills


  2. Martin

    Great article David!

    I believe CSR has to evolve into GSR (Global Social Responsibility) for it to have any sustainable impact.
    Why? Because CSR is an excuse for us all as citizens to hand our ability to respond over to someone else, in this case businesses.

    We can all sit on the fence and watch the rescue services trying to clean up the disaster scene we’re co-creating on a daily basis, however, until we’re involved in the clean up we’re still just the observers and not the participants.

    “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may not remember, involve me, and I’ll understand” as the old wise saying goes.

    So, it’s time for a toe in the water for everyone and rather than excluding any social group, the aim needs to be all out social inclusion, allow everyone to become involved in the process.
    This way GSR will replace CSR and fresh vegetables will make sense to even the most ardent of burger and fries dependents.



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