Responsible Business Summit 2009

ethical_corp_logoEurope’s largest Corporate Social Responsibility conference starts tomorrow at the Responsible Business Summit at London’s Business Design Centre.

I’m really excited about finding what good practice is going on out there across the planet with a list of impressive CEO’s, CSR & Sustainability Executives, and of course always a fantastic opportunity catch up with old friends and to meet some useful new people!

The session on the agenda include:

  • Responsible Business starts with your people: the rules of employee engagement.
  • Emerging Markets: The future of responsible and profitable business?
  • From Green to Greenwash: The legitimacy of corporate responsibility in your company.
  • Sustainability Reporting: Why it pays to be transparent.
  • Your carbon footprint: How to reduce it and save money.
  • Maximise the benefits of your community investment efforts.
  • Convince the Board to increase investment in corporate responsibility.
  • Customer engagement: The best way to prove the case for responsible business?
  • How to build value into your NGO – business partnerships.
  • Supply chain: Raising the bar in ethical sourcing – a look inside the Starbucks supply chain.
  • Climate Change strategy: Why producing cost effective green products is your best bet yet.
  • Localise your ethical efforts in a globalised economy.
  • Embedding corporate responsibility in your company: Your guide to saving and making money from your ethical strategy.
  • Practical ways to work with business partners and suppliers on ethics.
  • Social innovation and opportunities: Good business sense with a conscience.
  • Supply chain management: More scandals in 2009 if budgets are slashed.
  • Banks and responsible business: The state of sustainable finance.
  • Water footprinting: The opportunities for efficiency.

twitter_icons_128Quite a bit to keep up with and one full head by the end of Tuesday for yours truly! As a bonus for all those on Twitter out there myself and a couple of others have agreed to help Ethical Corp make the event even more accessible. We’ll be offering as many updates as possible to those not able to get to the actual conference and also the chance to relay questions (if we can get the asked!) you need asking!

Check out the event website here: and follow us all on Twitter via @davidcoethica, @aaronqfu. @ethicalcorp and #rbs09

I’ll be posting a brief report at the end of each day here so check back daily and use the comments section for any rants or questions you have.

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