Earth Hour


I don’t know about you but Earth Hour at Casa Connor was great family fun!

We decided the food in the fridge freezer would survive for an hour and just turned everything off at the mains. Our two year old hadn’t been near a candle before and his wind-up penguin torch was almost too much fun for him, and his Mum to handle. Tiddlywinks could be easier by candlelight though. There are far too many shadows to lose awol buttons!

It was a welcome change from the normal routine of bedtime for mini-us and a shlomp in front of the television with the laptop stuck on my overheating thighs.

I’d love to know how many tonnes of CO2 were saved globally, how much energy usage dipped in the UK, how many people took part and their individual stories, how much we actually saved as a family (will work out later) and most of all, will it make any difference to those who make decisions on our behalf?

Congratulations WWF and Earth Hour!

What can we do next?

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