Liverpool Year of The Environment – update

Liverpool Year of the Environment






As ever I thought I’d give you an update on a meeting yesterday with Cllr Berni Turner about Liverpool Year of the Environment.

I think we all know by now LYOE 2009 isn’t directly comparable with Capital of Culture Year 2008. Unfortunately like most environmental or sustainability initiatives there isn’t the backing that people like you and I expect, regardless of the enorminty of the future consequences. That’s human nature; the biggest problem in the global climate change crisis, or as Al Gore suggested in An Inconvenient Truth ‘boiling frog syndrome’.

We, the people who care about these issuess, have to stop waiting for the authorities to sort this out for us and take hold of this opportunity to exploit the raised awareness for ourselves, our businesses, our communities and our children and grandchildren.

My discussion with Cllr Turner was enjoyably open, frank and overall very optimistic. There isn’t much money to create a huge programme and the communication needs to be improved by all partners. This is my glass-half-full-world defining a chance for us all to engage. There are no funding strings or outcomes to achieve and no intricate strategy to stick to, i.e. flexibility. We have the opportunity to look at our own lives and do something about improving our enviromental legacy. Cllr Turner is obviously genuinely enthusiastic and working within political constraints but gave me hope of an accelerating and accessible range of programmes and events for 2009.

If we don’t ask (or tell) we won’t get. Don’t wait for somebody to act for you. Email, telephone, write (remember letters?) Twitter, Facebook to me, Cllr Turner, media, anybody that will listen or you think can help, but don’t complain in January 2010. Let us all do what we can now to make out city a better place to live and work.

I’ve agreed to work with Cllr Turner wherever possible and I’m already trying to tame a cauldron of ideas and pour into a list of practical suggestions to use both Coethica’s and my own resources make a green difference.

If YOU have any suggestions please use here or email me at to direct information to LYOE partners if you feel more comfortable.

Liverpool Year of the Environment website:

Liverpool Year of the Environment Facebook group

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