Report: United Technologies Corp



United Technologies Corp., which provides high technology products and services to the global aerospace and building industries, has become the first of the 30 Dow Jones industrial companies to publish a fully integrated annual and corporate responsibility report.


Andrea Doane, director of corporate citizenship and community investment, said the U.S.-based company’s 2008 Annual Report reflects a belief that in future the practice of producing an integrated report ‘will be not only widespread, but expected from those who believe corporate responsibility and profitability are inseparable.’


The 2008 report shows UTC has already exceeded its targets of a 10 per cent reduction in water use and a 12 per cent greenhouse gas cut by 31 December 2010, based on a 1 January 2007 base.  By the end of December 2008 it had achieved 11 per cent reductions in both areas, but it says it will ‘aggressively identify and implement’ further cuts.


The annual report is now available in print and online at Ethical Performance.  


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