News: Corporate Social Responsibility Needs Real Leadership

Corporate Social Responsibility is in desperate need of real leadership, according to Will Marré, acclaimed speaker and CEO of REALeadership Alliance. While addressing business leaders at University of California San Diego Marré stated, “We are living in a time of immense challenges. It’s an era that begs for the wisdom of real leaders. Leaders who have the moral imagination to empathize with unborn generations who will inherit our legacy.”

2 thoughts on “News: Corporate Social Responsibility Needs Real Leadership

  1. euandus

    Sounds like the banks need leadership. JPMorgan and Goldman bonuses and risk-taking (i.e., ignoring the society’s criticism regarding the financial crisis) may be a counterexample to the importance of CSR in business. I just posted on this example, in case you are interested.

    Nice post!


    1. davidcoethica Post author

      Great blog! Wonderful writing.

      I personally think the banks will attempt to ‘ride out the storm’ and change very little. After all the people at the upper echelon’s of banking’s hierarchy are mostly still there and leopards dont change their spots. This is a time for great leaders to emerge but precious few are stepping up to the mark. I can’t think of many at all shining from the financial sector. Bold and tough choices are needed but we have a history of not taking the actions required regardless of consequence.




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