Liverpool Year of Environment – latest

After my previous mini-rant about Liverpool trying its best to miss its own green bus, I thought it only fair to keep you all informed where possible. I promise to stay as positive as I can but even I have my limits.

Adrian McEwen has posted a this good account on his McFilter blog of a recent Liverpool Community Network event about the Year of Environment. Was this the launch? Who knows? Apparently Cllr Berni Turner sent a substitute as it couldn’t have obviously have been a priority. After all it’s only the environment. What’s the worse that could happen? It’s not as if being a city by the sea is dangerous when sea levels rise.

I also stumbled across (can you see a pattern here?) a website for the campaign at It could be better, especially if the link to business ambassadors at Liverpool Chamber worked.

Another hidden gem was a pdf I found here with a list of events for 2009. It looks very respectable, hopefully incomplete but not a bad start. I actually found this before the website!

I’m trying to push LYOE this from my end but I’m starting to feel that it maybe too risky to get too closely associated with those officially in charge. It’s beginning to develop a an air of public sector mediocrity already.

Now for a hopeful note. My final discovery was this LYOE presentation on the Travelwise website with Jan Rowley’s name on the front. It made me feel more comfortable but I am seriously concerned about the private sector engagement.

Hopefully LYOE will pick up speed and build an infectious momentum as Spring pokes through the soil . I’ll be doing everything in my power to make this a success, will the people that came up with the idea?

Liverpool Year of the Environment

Liverpool Year of the Environment

2 thoughts on “Liverpool Year of Environment – latest

  1. David Hunt

    A disjointed attempt by Liverpool City Council! Never! No, joking aside LYOE is picking up momentum. But there is a long way to go to get private sector buy in. Hopefully some of the events will attract profile and stimulate action. For our part as a sponsor we are keen to speak to any business to help show them how they can make a difference, not just to the environment, but to their bottom line too. It needs businesses like ours to keep on pushing this agenda, and showing people the business benefits, as well as the feel good factor in helping our local environment.


  2. Titch

    I completley agree. ‘miss its own green bus’ – a perfect summary of affairs.

    I have similar issues with the Year of the Environment. It has been planned since well before 2008, back when Liverpool won the Capital of Culture year.

    It is now well into 2009 and it seems like the idea for Year of the Environment has only just been mooted. If the general public knew that something was meant to be happening this year – and cared about it – then there would be an uproar at the lack of effort that has been put in.

    However, people perhaps aren’t too bothered and, as of yet, the Council and others have not really shouted about LYOE or any events for it.

    I have more to say on my blog, if you are interested:



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