Green shoots for the future

Whilst it’s all doom and gloom across the majority of the economy, I’ve noticed a couple of rays of optimistic sunshine from those in IT. Even before the USA started it’s oil tanker like reverse on the environmental agenda and sparking a reinvigorated renewables market, the IT sector remained cautiously calm, mostly.

As the environmental agenda appears to be emerging rightfully still at the top of the policy priority list, even if at one point the knee-jerk capitalist scaremongering was trying to win the popularity contest, not only has it survived but is also now looking like a intriguing place to to invest. If only I had the cash!

The opportunities, even in today’s financial climate are there for those with the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to take ideas to market successfully. Green Klondike anyone? Where did I leave the mule, or is it a Modec these days?

The European Union will next month annouce its plans for it’s green action plan for ICT with consultants, McKinsey suggesting ‘widespread use of intelligent devices and applications could reduce global CO2 emissions by as much as 15% by 2020.’

 Time for the plug for a local company with a great global product!

Team Logic based on the Wirral, has the UK licence for Preton, a truly astounding application that reduces the amount of toner a printer uses. It’s simplicity is scary and has the major inkjet barons sitting up and taking notice. The actual figures for savings usually start around 25 / 30% and can reach 50% when optimised. Don’t take my word for it as the NHS, Business Link, Local Authorites and major Academic Institutions across the country already diverting tonnes of cartridges from landfill and saving thousands of scarce pounds. It saves paper (as people print less when they think they are being watched!), saves toner (does what it says on the tin) reduces waste cartridges and pays for itself in 3 – 6 months! It’s really entertaining listening to stories of Procurement and IT Managers excuses for not trialling Preton, brown paper envelope time methinks.

So maybe there are a couple of green shoots pushing through the snow after all.

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